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About Ertugrul Tour

Welcome to Ertugrul Tours by TRIP NOW TRAVEL. 

Salam and A warm welcome to all our dear guests.

Trip Now Travel is  the First Turkey based official government recognized travel agent  and a distinguished member of TURSAB ( Association of Turkish Travel Agents )  with a license number of A-9509 , organizing Ertugrul tours and Islamic Tours for groups and individuals from all over the World in Turkey   .

We organize Ertugrul Tours , Sahaba Tours , Daily Konya Tours , Daily Sanliurfa Tours ,Umrah Stopover programs for Umrah Groups who do stopover in Turkey so we are specialist on Muslim tours .Co-Founder of Trip Now Travel , Mr.Cengiz Kellekci is a government licensed professional tour guide for 25 years .We are not  taxi driver or someone who is organizing these tours  illegally by creating social media advertisements and etc..Since we are official travel agent , we kindly inform you that there are also taxi drivers who are doing these tours illegally by promoting themselves on social media by using other companies names only and do not even have a license but once you reach them they even tell you that they are the only people who is organizing Ertugrul tours. Please avoid these type of people for your safety.

What  can you do to understand whether those people are qualified or not to do Ertugrul tour or any tour  ?

It is not checking them on trip advisor link or social media platforms .

Please call TURSAB ( Association of Turkish Travel Agents ) and ask the name of the person whether there is a person in that company with that name or not so you will understand easily ))))

Here is the link of the website as well .

https://www.tursab.org.tr/agency-search  / Official Travel Agency Search link 

So you can easily find our names Cengiz or Aysin there as Co- Founders of the company.So we are serving with our own license not someone else's license by paying them.We provide Land Package for Turkey which is a combination of accommodation ,Transfers ,Sightseeings ,and etc.Our license number is A-9509 .We do not only do Ertugrul Tour in Turkey.We provide Muslim tours all around the country .

Please try us once and feel the difference. After knowing us , all your friends and relatives will travel with us too .

Thanks & Best Regards

Cengiz Kellekci & Aysin Sezmis Kellekci

Founders of  Trip Now Travel